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7th August 2017

Red-y Compact II Firmware Update 3.0.5

Vogtlin Instruments release red-y Compact II firmware update. The Flow Control Innovation Award winning red-y Compact II series mass flow meter is the unique gas flow meter with optional valve that can operate on a single AA battery, on USB power or on 24 Vdc supply. The Compact 2 has a touch-screen (backlight) display that you can conveniently adjust lots of variables without the need of a PC, which makes the...


27th July 2016

Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter Evolves

Following the successful launch of the Swiss manufactured Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter, iCenta Controls are pleased to announce that the Compact II Series has evolved. The hugely anticipated alarm module is now available. It can be easily retrofitted to existing Red-y Compact II meters and regulators, making the Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter (II) Series a complete thermal mass flow solution. The Compact...


28th April 2015

Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meters

What sets the 2015 Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meters apart is a whole new level of ease of use, made possible by these features:  Standard AA battery powered  Touch display with intuitive navigation  USB enabled  Wide choice of flow units  1 device – multiple gases  Compact design  The devices offer high accuracy and a wide dynamic range, which characterised the original Red-y Smart series. ...


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