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27th July 2016

Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter Evolves

Following the successful launch of the Swiss manufactured Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter, iCenta Controls are pleased to announce that the Compact II Series has evolved. The hugely anticipated alarm module is now available. It can be easily retrofitted to existing Red-y Compact II meters and regulators, making the Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter (II) Series a complete thermal mass flow solution. The Compact...


28th April 2015

Understanding Your Flow Meter’s Capabilities

There are pros and cons in choosing any flow meter but to us at Icenta, there are very clear advantages to the new age range of thermal mass flow meters over the traditional Variable Area (VA) meter, often referred to as Rotameters. In this post, we try to help you in understanding your flow meter’s capabilities by discussing the limitations of VA, the types of thermal mass flow meters, the principle of...


16th April 2013

Updated Plug n’ Play Software for Red-y Smart Gas Mass Meters and Flow Controllers

Voegtlin has just made it easier to use its free get red-y control software for Red-y Smart Gas Mass Meters and Flow Controllers users now have PC access through USB connections. A new release of the software is available for download. Beside viewing key information, users can also view and modify various operating parameters.       The main updates in this release are: – New units: Integration...


27th June 2012

Red-y Smart Series Gas Mass Flow Meters – Now Even smarter

Voegtlin’s tried and tested red-y smart series of thermal mass flow meters and flow controllers for air and industrial gases now come with powerful new features. Reliable technology and standardised interfaces make the red-y smart series of gas mass flow meters and controllers particularly suitable for measurement and control in gas delivery systems and plant engineering applications.  Along with a high...


24th March 2009

Icenta introduces a Thermal Mass Flow Monitor for Low Flow Rates

The latest addition to icenta’s range of thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers is the OVAL Mass Flow Monitor for utility gases, such as air and nitrogen even at extremely low flows (10NL/min) Wherever compressed air and utility gases are used, flow sensors can play an important role in increasing operating efficiency with associated energy savings.  The OVAL Mass Flow Monitor is a competitively...


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