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21st September 2012

Checking Flow & Assessing the Impact of Flow Rate through Fish Tanks in Aquaculture Research

Flow Rate through Fish Tanks in Aquaculture Research With aquaculture playing an increasingly important role in the provision of global fish supplies, there is a corresponding growth in aquaculture related research to support the industry and optimise its activities.  F VA Trogflux rotameter flow meters have been supplied to a number of marine science centres and environmental laboratories to monitor the flow of...


11th December 2008

Standard VA Meters now available from stock

icenta Controls now holds stocks of the Trogflux general-purpose, plastic VA flow meter allowing short/next day delivery times on standard water rotameters.  Stock units with the specification below are available with standard preset scales covering the range 4.0 – 40 l/hr to 8.3 – 25 m3/hr:– Water or similar liquid: ρ=1 kg/l (62.43 lb/cu ft), viscosity 1mPa.s (1cp)– Visual display only–...


17th December 2007

Variable Area Flow Meters available for Basic Flow Applications

icenta’s flow meter portfolio now includes a range of cost effective, mechanical flow meters that require no auxiliary power and provide direct viewing of flow rate. Variable area flow meters operate on the principle that the variation in area of flow stream required to produce a constant pressure differential is proportional to the flow rate. The flowing fluid enters the bottom of the meter, passes upward through...


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