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26th January 2017

NEW – Flow Product Brochure now available

Our brand new flow product brochure is now available for download! The flow brochure contains all of our most popular flow meter types including: Paddlewheel Turbine Magnetic Thermal Mass Vortex and much more… Can’t find what you’re looking for in the flow product brochure? Just give us a call and talk to our dedicated team of technical specialists. We pride ourselves on supplying robust, high...


13th October 2016

Vogtlin Compact 2 series wins Flow Control Innovation Award 2016

          The Compact 2 series thermal mass gas flow meter from Vögtlin has won the Flow Control Innovation Awards 2016 in the category of ‘Best in Flow’. About the Compact 2 The Swiss developed gas instrument provides true portability thanks to its single AA battery. All of the 50-plus variables can be adjusted through a built-in touchscreen. You only need to connect to a...


27th June 2016

N413 Batch Controller with ticket printing functionality

Save time, hassle and cost! The Fluidwell N413 is a powerful and user-friendly panel mount batch controller with full numerical keypad and receipt printing functionality. End of batch tickets can be printed automatically, manually or after a notification. Multiple reprints are easily executed on demand. Even in the unexpected event of an uncompleted batch, it is possible to print a receipt....


28th April 2015

Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meters

What sets the 2015 Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meters apart is a whole new level of ease of use, made possible by these features:  Standard AA battery powered  Touch display with intuitive navigation  USB enabled  Wide choice of flow units  1 device – multiple gases  Compact design  The devices offer high accuracy and a wide dynamic range, which characterised the original Red-y Smart series. ...


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