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7th August 2017

Red-y Compact II Firmware Update 3.0.5

Vogtlin Instruments release red-y Compact II firmware update. The Flow Control Innovation Award winning red-y Compact II series mass flow meter is the unique gas flow meter with optional valve that can operate on a single AA battery, on USB power or on 24 Vdc supply. The Compact 2 has a touch-screen (backlight) display that you can conveniently adjust lots of variables without the need of a PC, which makes the...


18th March 2014

Voegtlin’s New Range of Industrial Mass Flow Meters & Mass Flow Controllers for Gases with IP67 & Ex Protection

Voegtlin’s New Range of Industrial Mass Flow Meters. Voegtlin’s tried and tested high precision mass flow meters and controllers are now available with IP67/NEMA 6 protection against solid particles and water and ATEX certification (Category 3 / Zone 2 and 22) for rough environments.  The redy industrial mass flow series makes use of the latest CMOS technology and has a digital (Modbus RTU) and analog...


16th April 2013

Updated Plug n’ Play Software for Red-y Smart Gas Mass Meters and Flow Controllers

Voegtlin has just made it easier to use its free get red-y control software for Red-y Smart Gas Mass Meters and Flow Controllers users now have PC access through USB connections. A new release of the software is available for download. Beside viewing key information, users can also view and modify various operating parameters.       The main updates in this release are: – New units: Integration...


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