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23rd August 2012

Monitoring Leakage in Landfill Leachate Control Systems

Monitoring Leakage in Landfill Leachate Control Systems Landfill leachate is a aggressive liquid, typically carrying debris, which needs to be managed, controlled and removed to prevent groundwater pollution.  Such applications require a flow meter with no moving parts and minimal maintenance.  A UK landfill site has installed 2″ diameter, PTFE-lined Magflux A magnetic flow meters with remote flow...


15th November 2010

Magflux Flow Sensors: Precision Flow Control for Pipes Sizes from 2 to 2000 mm

icenta has expanded its selection of in-line magnetic flow sensors with dedicated flow transmitters that can be supplied remotely or as a compact unit. The Magflow meter offers a number of advantages which make it one of the most popular options for velocity flow measurement:• No moving parts with nothing projecting into the flow stream• Good accuracy (0.5 to 1%)• Virtually no pressure drop • Can be used in...


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