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22nd May 2014

Coriolis Meters are used in Marine Fuel Management to Avoid Bunker Disputes due to Aeration of Fuel

Coriolis Meters are being used in the shipping industry to give true volume of fuel being delivered and to avoid bunker disputes due to aeration of fuel, known as the ‘Cappuccino’ effectFuel suppliers sometimes introduce air intentionally into marine fuel during the pumping of bunkers to the ship, meaning that the quantity of fuel being delivered for a given volume of supply is less than stated.  This...


5th July 2011

Monitoring & Control of Fuel Usage in Engines & Power Generation Systems

Due to recent oil price increases, icenta has seen a growth in demand for instrumentation aimed at flow monitoring and control of fuel usage, particularly in engines and power generation systems.Typical fuel related applications include: – Provision of accurate fuel usage data for consumption monitoring, refuelling and billing purposes– Highlighting poor engine performance with increases in normal fuel...


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