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22nd May 2014

Coriolis Meters are used in Marine Fuel Management to Avoid Bunker Disputes due to Aeration of Fuel

Coriolis Meters are being used in the shipping industry to give true volume of fuel being delivered and to avoid bunker disputes due to aeration of fuel, known as the ‘Cappuccino’ effectFuel suppliers sometimes introduce air intentionally into marine fuel during the pumping of bunkers to the ship, meaning that the quantity of fuel being delivered for a given volume of supply is less than stated.  This...


3rd June 2008

Increased Demand for Fuel Flow Meters

Rising energy prices have led to a growing interest in metering fuels and oils and a corresponding increased demand for fuel flow meters.  icenta has recently received a number of fuel related enquiries for applications such as: • Determination of net fuel consumption• Engine and component development, testing and efficiency optimisation• Measuring fuel transfer rates• Dosage and metering of fuel...


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