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24th February 2015

Simple Icenta Flow Switch Development Brings Big Benefits

The coolant flow is critical to the operation of modern CNC machines and flow switches have become an integral part of the control system.   If there is no flow or low flow, a CNC machine can stop operating meaning not just downtime, but the added risk of becoming a fire hazard or damaging equipment and work already in production. How icenta’s simple device solved this problem In this particular case, the...


1st July 2010

Flowline flow switch & control for liquid & air/gas

Flowline’s liquid and gas flow switches are simple devices that are used to detect or monitor flow and send a signal or alarm to another device. They are useful tools in situations where it is important to know whether or not flow exists and to act upon that knowledge (for example they can be used to actuate a signal when flow stops, start a motor with flow, shut off an alarm when flow is adequate or stop a...


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