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14th January 2014

Monitoring Flow in Water Chillers for MRI Scanners

Monitoring Flow in Water Chillers. A process cooling company is using the IC-LPM inline paddlewheel meter to monitor flow in their specialist water-based chillers for removing heat from the super conducting magnets in MRI body scanners.  Effective cooling and precise temperature control are vital in limiting temperature fluctuations that would adversely affect the scanner’s accuracy, efficiency and...


11th October 2013

Versatile Pipe Diameter, Flow Velocity & Flow Rate Calculator

Icenta has recently added a versatile flow rate calculator to its website. Unlike many other flow rate calculators, it allows you to choose from a wide range of units – 6 for the pipe diameter and 24 each for flow velocity and flow rate. All you have to do is choose the property to be found, enter the known factors and select the required units. The calculator can be found at...


14th January 2013

Flow Detection of Super Absorbent Pellets

  The Triangle flow sensor is an innovative flow detection rate system for accurate measurement of free flow powders, pellets and granular bulk solids, even in pneumatic conveying or free-fall applications.  In the nappy industry the Triangle system is being used as a back-up system for the volumetric feeder of super absorbent pellets and regulates a constant flow of the pump.  The system is designed to...


15th February 2011

Innovative Flow Rate System allows Accurate Measurement of Bulk Solids, even in Difficult Applications

The new Triangle system, using innovative field time control technology, is specifically designed to give high accuracy flow rate measurement of bulk solids such as powders and granulates. The Triangle system is specifically designed for measuring the flow rate of powders, granulates and other bulk materials even in difficult applications such as pneumatic conveying or ‘free fall’. This new flow rate system...


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