Waste Water

Monitoring Food Slurry and Water Dosing in Food Waste Depackaging Equipment

A manufacturer of waste food depackers is using Siemens MAG 5100 W magnetic flow meters to monitor both dosing water and food slurry Collected food waste from food manufacturers or retailers and domestically generated food waste includes a proportion of packaging waste such as paper, card, cans and glass. The presence of packaging materials is a problem if using food slurry as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion...


Monitoring Leakage in Landfill Leachate Control Systems

Landfill leachate monitoring requires a flow meter with no moving parts and minimal maintenance such as a Magflow meter Landfill leachate is a aggressive liquid, typically carrying debris, which needs to be managed, controlled and removed to prevent groundwater pollution. Such applications require a flow meter with no moving parts and minimal maintenance. A UK landfill site has installed 2“ diameter, PTFE-lined...


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