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Oil Flow rate monitoring through chilled rollers in carpet ovens

A manufacturer of flooring systems is using the IC-LPM inline paddlewheel meter to monitor the flow of oil through chilled textile rollers in it carpet substrate ovens. Forbo is an internationally recognised manufacturer of vinyl, linoleum and carpet floor coverings. In its carpet substrate ovens, Forbo uses chilled textile rollers, cooled by oil flow, to prevent the substrate from sticking to the rollers or...


Measuring local consumption of a centralised gas supply helps minimise leaks and reduce costs

Measuring local consumption of a centralised gas supply encourages users to be economical with resources, assists in leak detection and reduce overall costs. Thermal mass flow meters can easily be fitted into local gas lines so that the user knows exactly where, when and how much gas has been consumed. BENEFIT FROM THE FOLLOWING RED-Y COMPACT FEATURES: Battery operation permits easy installation without external...


Reliable leak measurement due to high accuracy and calibration with real gas

The ability to measure low flow rates with high accuracy and a short response time is important for successful leak measurement. With a turndown ratio of up to 1 : 100 and calibration with the actual gas, Voegtlin thermal mass flow meters offer exceptional accuracy over the entire measurement range. BENEFIT FROM THE FOLLOWING RED-Y SMART THERMAL MASS METER FEATURES: Calibrated with real gas, which guarantees high...


Controlling Gas Atmospheres & Industrial Gases

Efficient control of gas atmospheres requires excellent measurement stability and a maximum level of automation. When controlled by a remote signal (eg CO2 gas sensor), Vögtlin’s thermal mass flow controllers offer a short reaction time and fast regulation for optimising control of gas atmospheres. Gas mixtures remain stable and adapt rapidly to new requirements. BENEFIT FROM THE FOLLOWING RED-Y SMART...


Precision Control & Measurement Accuracy for Gas Mixtures & Blends

Precision control and measurement accuracy are the key requirements for gas mixing and blending applications. Vögtlin’s thermal mass flow regulators permit both master-slave mixtures and gas mixtures with fixed percentage proportions. CMOS SENSOR TECHNOLOGY By using high-precision CMOS technology (semiconductor sensors) Voegtlin’s thermal measurement and control devices are setting new standards in...


Mass Flow Control in Bioreactors

Vogtlin mass flow controllers are an excellent tool for precise control of gas flows in bioreactors. Bio reactors are used for critical and delicate processes where mass flow control of relevant gases need to be reliable, repeatable and flexible. For example, the dissolved oxygen needs to be carefully controlled to obtain repeatable pH control and volumes of fermentation gases like CO and H2 influence mass transfer...


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