Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Compressed Air

Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Compressed Air SolutionMCF Air Flow Meter

A leading compressed air solution company commissioned iCenta Controls to provide a thermal mass flow meter for compressed air to measure the flow of gases such as air or nitrogen.

iCenta delivered the IC-MCF Air Flow Meter complete with ancillary accessories. The IC-MCF air flow meter is indispensable for managing energy use with compressed air / nitrogen up to 12000 L/min (normal). The inexpensive mass flow meter provides precision and wide rangeability as a result of being micro-machined, integration of a micro-flow sensor and advanced channel-design technology. The ideal tool for controlling the flow rate of measuring the per-building consumption of fuel, gas, various types of industrial gas or plant air used for virtually anything from manufacturing processes to test equipment.

About the IC-MCF Air Flow Meter:

The IC-MCF is constructed from lightweight, high strength aluminium to provide good thermal conductivity. It is available for pipe sizes ranging from DN6 (“) up to DN50 (2”) to accommodate flow rates of 0-200 up to 12000 L/min.

The IC-MCF air flowmeter uses a µF (Micro Flow) sensor in its sensing unit. The µF sensor is a thermal flow speed sensor which uses proprietary technology. Integrating this ultra-miniature flow speed sensor with high-grade channel design technology has achieved high accuracy and wide rangeability. Additionally with built-in microcomputer technologies the device provides a range of functions that include the display of instantaneous or totalized flow rate, high limit and low limit alarm output, analog output and totalizer pulse output.

Features of the IC-MCF Air Flow Meter:

The IC-MCF offers many features including:

  • Reverse flow detection function
  • Flow/totalizer display with event and 4-20mA output
  • Fast response as the sensor is in direct contact with the gas
  • Easy maintenance without removal from the piping
  • RS-485 MODBUS communications option for centralized air leak/consumption management
  • Practical measurement flow range of 50:1, an extended range is available
  • Use a single MCF for flow in various directions

Applications include:

  • Compressed air monitoring
  • Measuring gas flow rates for energy consumption projects
  • Air leak monitoring


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