Oil Flow rate monitoring through chilled rollers in carpet ovens

Oil flow rateA manufacturer of flooring systems is using the IC-LPM inline paddlewheel meter to monitor the flow of oil through chilled textile rollers in it carpet substrate ovens.

Forbo is an internationally recognised manufacturer of vinyl, linoleum and carpet floor coverings. In its carpet substrate ovens, Forbo uses chilled textile rollers, cooled by oil flow, to prevent the substrate from sticking to the rollers or blistering. Due to carbonisation, the flow of oil through the rollers can become obstructed, thereby reducing the cooling efficiency; to improve knowledge of cooling oil flow rates and ensure that they do not fall below a critical level for effective cooling, Forbo has added a series of IC-LPM flow meters and flow indicators to the oil cooling system with a 4 – 20 mA signal and a low flow alarm for remote monitoring and control of the process.

Forbo chose the IC-LPM flow meter because of its ability to operate at high temperatures together with a robust design, features that make it a reliable and cost effective option for this and similar process cooling applications.


    • High temperature operation, up to 350°C
    • Cost-effective meters for a broad range of liquids
    • Good accuracy with low pressure drop
    • Robust stainless steel construction
    • Versatile, adaptable design with custom options
    • High pressure rating up to 100 bar
    • Selection of flow instruments & displays for compact or remote installation
    • Choice of outputs including pulse, 4-20 mA


  • Fuel & oil monitoring
  • High temperature thermal oil monitoring
  • Chilled water circuit monitoring
  • Chemical & water batching

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