Keeping Track of Gas Consumption, operating efficiency and costs

Continuous gas consumption monitoring plays an important role in optimising process operating efficiency and economical allocation of resources with associated cost and energy savings. In addition, rapid detection and localisation of leaks is a vital safety issue when handling gases.

CMOS Sensor Technology

By using high-precision CMOS technology (semiconductor sensors) Voegtlin’s thermal measurement and control devices are setting new standards in response behaviour and measurement accuracy and feature an impressive dynamic measurement range.

Versatile Application

Thermal mass technology is ideally suited to monitoring of gas flow rates given that measurement is largely independent of pressure and temperature.

Benefit From The Following Red-y Thermal Mass Meter Features:

  • High precision measurement
  • Fast response time
  • Flow measurement and totalisation
  • Activation of thresholds
  • Simple operation
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • 3 years’ warranty

Typical Applications:

  • Measurement of gas consumption
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Test equipment
  • Leak measurement
  • Costs centre billing

Redy compact Mass Meter Datasheet

Red y smart Mass Meter Datasheet

Mass Flow Meters for Gas Consumption Monitoring

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