Flow Detection for Super Absorbent Pellets

The Triangle flow sensor for bulk solids is used as a back-up system for the volumetric screw feeder

The Triangle flow sensor is an innovative flow rate system for accurate measurement of free flow powders, pellets & granular bulk solids, even in pneumatic conveying or ‘free fall’ applications. In the nappy industry the Triangle system is being used as a back-up system for the volumetric feeder of super absorbent pellets and regulates a constant flow of the pump. The system is designed to obtain optimum results for products in free fall after mechanical conveying. In this application the flow of pellets is approximately 600 kg/h. The rigid stainless steel sensor includes a ceramic isolator for abrasive materials such as these pellets.


  • Minimal maintenance, no moving parts
  • Easy to install using BNC-connectors
  • Iin-line applications from a few millimetres to 100mm
  • The ability to detect weak signals coming from low dielectric products
  • Rigid stainless steel sensor includes ceramic isolator for abrasive applications
  • Can be used for “free fall” and pneumatic transport applications
  • 24 month warranty
  • Custom versions and trial units available

Triangle Bulk Solids Flow Rate System Datasheet

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