Case Studies

Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Compressed Air

Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Compressed Air Solution A leading compressed air solution company commissioned iCenta Controls to provide a thermal mass flow meter for compressed air to measure the flow of gases such as air or nitrogen. iCenta delivered the IC-MCF Air Flow Meter complete with ancillary accessories. The IC-MCF air flow meter is indispensable for managing energy use with compressed air / nitrogen up to...


Metri Turbine Flow Meter for Fuel Monitoring

How the IC-LTM Metri Turbine Flow Meter is being used A British fuel quality specialist recently commissioned iCenta Controls to provide a Metri turbine flow meter for a project to monitor and deliver detergent type fuel additives to bus and train depots around the UK. The first part of the project was to install fuel additive dosing systems. To determine that the dosing systems are working accurately, diesel is...


Oil Flow rate monitoring through chilled rollers in carpet ovens

A manufacturer of flooring systems is using the IC-LPM inline paddlewheel meter to monitor the flow of oil through chilled textile rollers in it carpet substrate ovens. Forbo is an internationally recognised manufacturer of vinyl, linoleum and carpet floor coverings. In its carpet substrate ovens, Forbo uses chilled textile rollers, cooled by oil flow, to prevent the substrate from sticking to the rollers or...


Monitoring Food Slurry and Water Dosing in Food Waste Depackaging Equipment

A manufacturer of waste food depackers is using Siemens MAG 5100 W magnetic flow meters to monitor both dosing water and food slurry Collected food waste from food manufacturers or retailers and domestically generated food waste includes a proportion of packaging waste such as paper, card, cans and glass. The presence of packaging materials is a problem if using food slurry as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion...


Monitoring Leakage in Landfill Leachate Control Systems

Landfill leachate monitoring requires a flow meter with no moving parts and minimal maintenance such as a Magflow meter Landfill leachate is a aggressive liquid, typically carrying debris, which needs to be managed, controlled and removed to prevent groundwater pollution. Such applications require a flow meter with no moving parts and minimal maintenance. A UK landfill site has installed 2“ diameter, PTFE-lined...


Flow monitoring of de-icing fluid

The IC-LPM paddlewheel flow meter is used to monitor use of aircraft de-icing fluid. The IC-LPM with battery-powered resettable flow totaliser is being used in mobile aircraft de-icing systems to monitor use of de-icing fluid and allow billing of individual airlines. The IC-LPM was chosen as a cost effective alternative to a turbine flow meter or insertion paddlewheel meter. BENEFIT FROM THE FOLLOWING IC-LPM PADDLE...


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