Vogtlin Compact 2 series wins Flow Control Innovation Award 2016

 Posted on 13th October 2016







The Compact 2 series thermal mass gas flow meter from Vögtlin has won the Flow Control Innovation Awards 2016 in the category of ‘Best in Flow’.

About the Compact 2

The Swiss developed gas instrument provides true portability thanks to its single AA battery.

All of the 50-plus variables can be adjusted through a built-in touchscreen. You only need to connect to a computer to update the firmware. In addition to the standard features the Compact 2 has an optional integrated alarm module. Because the device measures up to 3 different gases or gas mixtures in a compact device it offers incredible flexibility.

There is an increasing demand for regular interval sampling, consistency and reliability. As a result the Vögtlin red-y compact mass flowmeter provides the perfect solution.

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