Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter Evolves

 Posted on 27th July 2016

Following the successful launch of the Swiss manufactured Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter, iCenta Controls are pleased to announce that the Compact II Series has evolved.

Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter from iCenta Controls
Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter now Complete with Alarm Module

The hugely anticipated alarm module is now available.

It can be easily retrofitted to existing Red-y Compact II meters and regulators, making the Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter (II) Series a complete thermal mass flow solution.

The Compact Thermal Mass flow Meter alarm module offers the following features:

  • 3 alarm contacts (relays that can switch up to 1 amp, 30 Vdc)
  • 2 optical isolated input channels (to optionally reset an alarm remotely)
  • Every alarm contact separately settable as high, low, window or totalizer
  • Hysteresis, delay and alarm duration time all customer configurable
  • Built-in 12…30Vdc power supply, polyfuse protected
  • 2 meter fly lead cable included
  • All variables adjustable locally through touch screen

Users will now be able to set alarms quickly and effectively during the installation of the Compact II thermal mass flow meter(s). If triggered they can be reset remotely, negating the need for intrusive and potentially inconvenient site visits. With no moving parts the mass flow meter solution is not only robust, it’s relatively maintenance free; reducing the overall lifetime cost of the instrumentation.

Read more about the Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter.

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