Flow Meters to Monitor Energy Usage at Leading Airport

 Posted on 13th June 2016

Managing the energy costs of an airport terminal is no small task. When our client was commissioned to measure how efficiently the energy centre was operating for the one of the UK’s busiest airport sites internal compliance procedures; the search for accurate, reliable and adaptable technologies to connect wirelessly to our clients cloud based system began in earnest.

The objective was clear; to find an established supplier to deliver high quality precision engineered instruments with a solid reputation for providing complete solutions that could be tailored specifically to the individual requirements of the project.

With our extensive product knowledge and experience at delivering complex flow solutions, iCenta Controls were approached to supply:

  • 6 x IC-190F WPG Fixed Clamp on Ultrasonic flow meter for 100mm copper pipe
  • 1 x IC-LPM Metri Industrial Paddlewheel series flow meter for Deionised water return
  • 2 x IC-Metri insertion paddlewheel Meter – LPM 40-200mm for Reverse Osmosis Waste return (80mm line)
  • 1 x IC-F111 Dual input flow indicator totaliser wall mount with pulsed output for totals and flowrate consumption
  • 1 x 50mm Woltman cold water meters (50c) with pulse output – MI
  • 1 x 80mm Woltman cold water meters (50c) with pulse output – MI

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