Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meters

 Posted on 28th April 2015

What sets the 2015 Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meters apart is a whole new level of ease of use, made possible by these features: 

  • Standard AA battery powered 
  • Touch display with intuitive navigation 
  • USB enabled 
  • Wide choice of flow units  1 device – multiple gases 
  • Compact design 
Voegtlin Flow Meter Range
Voegtlin Flow Meter Range

The devices offer high accuracy and a wide dynamic range, which characterised the original Red-y Smart series. 

Accuracy is up to ± 0.3% of full scale + ±0.5% of reading/Turndown ratio 1:100. 

Measuring ranges from 25 In/min (27 SCCM) up to 450 In/min (480 SLPM) 

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