Simple Icenta Flow Switch Development Brings Big Benefits

 Posted on 24th February 2015

The coolant flow is critical to the operation of modern CNC machines and flow switches have become an integral part of the control system.   If there is no flow or low flow, a CNC machine can stop operating meaning not just downtime, but the added risk of becoming a fire hazard or damaging equipment and work already in production.

Icenta IC-LPS Flow Switch
Icenta IC-LPS Flow Switch

How icenta’s simple device solved this problem

In this particular case, the original OEM thermal flow switch was operating erratically due to small suspended air bubbles. The result was a false alarm given to the CNC control system which often resulted in the machine shutting down causing unplanned downtime and maintenance. The CNC machine tooling company tested an alternative design, but the pressure drop was too high and not enough coolant flow could be provided to the machine tools,

icenta presented a solution with a low pressure drop meter and following initial function tests, icenta then designed a bespoke IC-LPS flow switch module, which in itself is easily adjustable and very simple to operate via a potentiometer adjustment.   Switching ranges are possible from 0.5- to > 1200 l/min with a 2% accuracy and the device can handle pressures up to 400 Bar and Temperatures to 350 Deg C.

A small development that really does offer long term reliable performance.  If you recognise any of the problems here, call one of our experienced sales engineers now.


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