Monitoring Flow in Water Chillers for MRI Scanners

 Posted on 14th January 2014

Monitoring Flow in Water Chillers. A process cooling company is using the IC-LPM inline paddlewheel meter to monitor flow in their specialist water-based chillers for removing heat from the super conducting magnets in MRI body scanners.  Effective cooling and precise temperature control are vital in limiting temperature fluctuations that would adversely affect the scanner’s accuracy, efficiency and stability.  Liquid helium is commonly used to cool the magnets with a process water chiller being used to maintain the liquid helium cooling system.

Monitoring Flow in Water Chillers
Flow Meters in Water Chillers

In this critical application, the IC-LPM flow meter ensures that the water chiller flow is maintained at a rate specified by the scanner manufacturer.  The IC-LPM with mV output is supplied with an industrial display for mounting into the MRI scanner control panel.  With its robust and versatile design, reliability and good accuracy the IC-LPM is a cost effective option for this and similar process cooling applications.

Further information on the IC-LPM paddle wheel flow meter series

IC-LPM paddle wheel flow meter series datasheet

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