Updated Plug n’ Play Software for Red-y Smart Gas Mass Meters and Flow Controllers

 Posted on 16th April 2013

Voegtlin has just made it easier to use its free get red-y control software for Red-y Smart Gas Mass Meters and Flow Controllers users now have PC access through USB connections.

Software for Red-y Smart Mass Meters and Flow Controllers
A new release of the software is available for download. Beside viewing key information, users can also view and modify various operating parameters.




The main updates in this release are:

– New units: Integration of new measuring units like SLPM, NLPM, lb/h, lb/min, etc.
– Integration of the function power-up set point for the GSP pressure controller
– Adjustment Module: Integration of the Bios ML One as external reference
– The Data Logger and Gas Mixer modules modules are now combined in a single module for improved functionality.

Please see the new get red-y software datasheet for more information about the software modules

Download the latest version of the get red-y software

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