Red-y Smart Series Gas Mass Flow Meters – Now Even smarter

 Posted on 27th June 2012

Voegtlin’s tried and tested red-y smart series of thermal mass flow meters and flow controllers for air and industrial gases now come with powerful new features.

mass flow meter and flow controller comes with optional display

Reliable technology and standardised interfaces make the red-y smart series of gas mass flow meters and controllers particularly suitable for measurement and control in gas delivery systems and plant engineering applications.  Along with a high accuracy (up to ± 0.3% of full scale + ±0.5% of reading) and the wide dynamic range (1 : 100 or even higher on demand) the new red-y smart has the following function extensions:

Operating status indication

All devices are now equipped with an operating status indication. The three LEDs inform the user at a glance if the instrument is powered, communication works okay or if there is an alarm.

Set point delay

A delayed start time of the next set value can be activated.

Optional built-in display (available from 1st October)

The optional built-in display shows the actual flow rate, the total and the measuring unit.  A bar graph on the left side indicates the actual flow in relation to the full scale. A + and – button allows users to define or change a set point (controller only).

Improved robustness

More robustly dimensioned electronics and reduced heat emission.

Remember: Voegtlin mass flow instruments are calibrated with the actual gas for the most common gases, providing the best possible accuracy. Together with the calibration at two temperatures Voegtlin instruments are extremely stable and the least susceptible to temperature drift.

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