Innovative Level Indication, Detection and Switching System for Solids & Liquids, even in Harsh Environments & Difficult Applications

 Posted on 19th April 2012

The new Presense LDS300, using innovative field time control technology, is designed for accurate high/low level indication, detection and switching with solids or liquids inside vessels.

Level Indication switch for solids & liquids in tanks

The Presense LDS300 is a level detection and switching system for solids and liquid in tanks, hoppers, vessels or containers that is particularly suitable for measuring in harsh, pressurised, abrasive, hot and corrosive environments and with low dielectric materials. It employs innovative ‘Field Time Control’ technology where a concentrated electric field is generated around the sensor; the reaction time of the sensor varies as the material interferes with the electric field and the sensor signal output corresponds to the presence or absence of material at that point. In particular, Field Time Control technology has the ability to detect weak signals coming from low dielectric products allowing high accuracy measurement in such applications compared to other types of level instrumentation.

This new level detection and switching system consists of a level probe, process connection and an enclosure with programmable control display and power interface module. The Presense LDS300 can be supplied with a choice of stainless steel probe types and lengths: standard rod probes for light, low friction materials; adaptive probes where point level detection is located away from the outer wall; and length-adjustable, suspended cable probes for heavier, high friction materials. Physical contact with the product is not always required to trigger the switch, the sensor can also switch on proximity.

With a reliable and robust design for industrial applications and harsh environments, the Presense LDS300 is ideal for severe applications including extreme temperatures from -40 to 200 deg C, pressures up to 25 Bar and materials that are abrasive or corrosive. It is a versatile industrial level switch, suitable for high/low level control across a wide range of material handling, storage and control applications, but especially for industries with extremely low dielectric bulk products (solids and liquids) or rough and electrically polluted environments. Typical applications include storage of food products such as flour, grains, sugar, milk powder and animal feed; aggregates such as gravel, sand and cement; and liquid interface detection such as oil on water.

Overall, the Presense system is easy to install, has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance, providing a reliable and cost effective solution for high/low level control that reduces unscheduled downtime and maintenance time.

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