Pressure control with integrated mass flow measurement for gases

 Posted on 21st July 2009

icenta presents the new electronic red-y smart pressure controllers combining Vögtlin Instruments’ reliable thermal mass flow technology with electronic pressure control.

redy_smart_pressure_controller_with_mass_flow_meterRed-y smart pressure controllers from Voegtlin of Switzerland automatically control a predefined process pressure and at the same time measure and/or limit the flow rate. They are available in a standard economic version (flow accuracy ±1.5% of full scale, turndown ratio 1 : 30) or a hi-performance version (flow accuracy ±0.3% of full scale and ±0.5% of reading, turndown ratio 1 : 100) and are specified for forward or backward pressure control. All devices are calibrated with real gas, which guarantees high accuracy and reproducibility.

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