New Range of Flow Meters for Monitoring Domestic Fuel Oil Consumption

 Posted on 20th January 2009

In response to rising fuel oil costs, more households are looking for an accurate yet cost effective means of monitoring fuel oil consumption and improving fuel efficiency.

icenta Controls has introduced a new range of flow meters for monitoring fuel oil consumption particularly in domestic and light industrial heating oil applications. The OVAL KEROMATE is a small, lightweight oval geared flow meter that provides an accurate indication of fuel usage, the quantity of oil left in the tank, the right time to refill, or statistics for billing customers and allocating costs between tenants.

KEROMATE oil flow meters can accurately measure low flow rates – a choice of 0.1 to 10 or 0.3 to 30 L/h – down to the nearest 0.001 litre. Each meter features an integral LCD display showing totalised flow value. Options exist for unfactored pulse output.

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