Increased Demand for Fuel Flow Meters

 Posted on 3rd June 2008

Rising energy prices have led to a growing interest in metering fuels and oils and a corresponding increased demand for fuel flow meters.  icenta has recently received a number of fuel related enquiries for applications such as:

• Determination of net fuel consumption
• Engine and component development, testing and efficiency optimisation
• Measuring fuel transfer rates
• Dosage and metering of fuel additives
• Leakage monitoring
• Lubricating oil monitoring

In response to such demands icenta can offer a selection of flow meters from the OVAL product range based on oval gear, turbine or Coriolis mass flow technologies, depending on flow rates, precision required and specifications.

OVAL Flowmate microflow meter for fuelsThe OVAL Flowmate flow meter in particular has proved successful for a number of fuel flow applications including fuel consumption monitoring, diesel metering in fuel injection testing equipment, fuel cell research and leakage monitoring of aviation components.  The Flowmate comprises a series of cost effective, compact gear meters with a choice of body and rotor materials, connection types and signal outputs for accurate and stable measurement in low flow ranges, particularly for dosage and metering.

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