New High-Precision, Microflow Coriolis Flow Meter

 Posted on 11th October 2006

OVAL Corporation has introduced the MassFlex high-precision, microflow Coriolis flow meter that can operate at high pressures up to 15MPa and comes with explosion-proof enclosure.

MassFlex microflow Coriolis meterThe Massflex is the latest addition to the range of Coriolis mass flow meters from OVAL Corporation of Japan , based on 20 years’ experience in Coriolis technology. It is a high precision, microflow Coriolis flow meter that responds to the demand for explosion proof products.


  • Micro Coriolis flow meter for extremely low flows from 0.0015kg/min
  • Operates under pressures up to 150 bar
  • Option to measures density as well as flow rate
  • Installs directly in the piping (vibration proof base not required)
  • Explosion-proof enclosure

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